Husband Insults Wife In Front Of His Family, Asks If He’s Wrong


Even though marriage is supposed to be that ‘special’ bond between two people, it actually includes more people than just the two of them. Yes, the in-laws are all part of the marriage -for better or for worse.

Redditor u/sdgkoufcnkk recently decided to take it to the popular Am I The A-hole and ask if he was in the wrong for insulting his wife in front of his family. He shared that he took his wife and kids to a family gathering, but when his partner decided that it was time to leave, her mother-in-law tried to change her mind. However, the situation soon escalated to a family disaster, and now the OP’s wife won’t respond to his texts. Check out the story for yourself and see who is in the wrong.

If you didn’t read the story, you’d probably think that the husband is absolutely in the wrong. However, after considering the whole situation, many people agreed that the husband is not the a-hole here, and his wife overreacted and she’s the a-hole here.