Husband Thinks His Wife Is ‘Incapable Of Being a Mom’ After She Suffered a Miscarriage


Becoming a parent is the dream of many people, and many of us get at a certain age where we can’t wait till the moment that the baby finally arrives. Unfortunately, having a baby is not as easy for everyone, and many people struggle with conception. And, as devastating as it is, some people receive the news that for various reasons, they’re physically unable to have children.

Reddit user Divided-Path4534 recently took it to Reddit’s Am I The A-hole subreddit to share that she and her husband were having a very hard time conceiving a child. To make matters even worse, they had false hope on many occasions. However, after her husband made some rather inappropriate remarks at a family dinner, she was hurt and humiliated, so she wanted to ask the good people of Reddit for their opinion. Reddit responded, and people had a lot to say about it. Check out the story below, and decide for yourself who was in the wrong here.

The vast majority of Redditors sided with the woman, saying that she’s absolutely not in the wrong here, but her husband and his mother most definitely are. Some even suggested she dumps him right now, suggesting that this might be a sign that she shouldn’t have a child with this man.