Iceland’s New PM is a 41-year-old Anti-war Feminist and Environmentalist


She’s only 41 years old, but Katrin Jakobsdottir is Iceland’s new prime minister— and a total powerhouse. The leader of the Left-Green Movement, Jakobsdottir is an outspoken feminist and environmentalist, with big plans to go beyond the Paris Agreement and make Iceland an example and leader in the fight against climate change. And at a time when people are revolting against dyed-in-the-wool politicians, Jakobsdottir certainly paves the way for change. This is not your average politician.

The new, anti-war leader comes from a family of poets and studied literature herself, with a speciality in Icelandic crime novels. (Which is pretty much the most badass speciality that anyone in any role could possibly have.) But she’s so much more than just that— she’s an accomplished, dedicated politician. She’s been holding political roles since 2003, when she became deputy chairperson of the Left Green Movement. She served as both the Minister of Education, Science and Culture and the Minister of Nordic Co-operation from 2009 and 2013.

So she’s not only politically experienced, but she’s also ready to shake things up. She ran on a platform dedicated to restoring trust in government and is hoping that the coalition formed will mark an important change for Iceland. Seeing a woman step in as one of the youngest heads of state in the world is truly inspirational.

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