In Anti-Gay Outburst Turkish President Orders Children To Stop Drawing Rainbows


Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has done it yet again: he has gone against his favorite Ramadam enemy with his angry outbursts, the LGBTQ community.

Schools in Turkey transitioned to remote learning due to the coronavirus outbreak in the country, and teachers urged the students to paint rainbows and hang them up on their windows in order to cheer them up.

Radical Islamists in Turkey, however, were angered by the rainbows, and they blamed the LGBTQ+ community for making efforts to “poison the youth” with the rainbow flags. In response, the Turkish Education Ministry reacted quickly to “save the kids from the tentacles of LGBTQ+ entrapment” and warned schools not to be fooled by perverts, and ordered for the kids to stop drawing rainbows.


The LGBTQ community in the country has been in isolation for a long time, but the pro-religion tide in Turkey has only made things worse.

The Turkish government and the notorious religious body ordered an anti-gay sermon to be read in all mosques on the first Friday of Ramadan, and it said that the gay community was the cause of spreading disease and “corruption of souls”. The President, expectedly, backed the sermon, and defended the chief of the religious authority by saying that targeting him as the same as targeting the state – and we all know what happens if you criticize the sate.