Indonesian Army Scraps ‘Virginity Tests’ For Its Female Cadets


The Indonesian Army has stated that they will no longer conduct the invasive ‘virginity tests’ on female cadets. The announcement was made recently by the army’s chief of staff after the World Health Organization deemed the so-called ‘virginity test’ inappropriate and unnecessary, saying that it has no scientific merit or clinical indication.

Human Rights Watch confirmed the police have ended the use of the exams, and the government finally ditched the tests within the military only recently.

The organization had condemned the tests as unscientific and discriminatory.

This is what the Indonesian’s Army Chief of Staff, Andika Perkasa, told of the tests and the army’s recruitment process:

‘Previously we looked at the abdomen, genitalia in detail with the examinations of the pelvis, vagina and cervix.

Now, we have done away with these examinations, especially with regards to the hymen, whether it has been ruptured and the extent of the rupture.’

According to Perkasa, they will not place more of an emphasis on testing for the cadet’s heart, spinal, and color blindness issues.

Source: Unilad