Insurance Boss Suspended After Sending Dirty Donut Joke About Female Colleague


Many of us have spirited discussions with their colleagues at the office from time to time, and it can make the day pass quicker and generally puts a laugh on everyone’s face.

Even though sometimes these jokes are directed at people who can’t take them very well, the lines are very rarely crossed.

Well, sending an email to your entire company suggesting that one of your colleagues enjoys a “glazed ring” might be considered crossing the line, and thats exactly what this Senior Vice President of an insurance company did. He was since suspended for, allegedly, sending the “joke” aimed at a female colleague.

James Conmy works at international insurance company Guy Carpenter as Senior Vice President, and he brought donuts at the office as a way of celebrating his birthday.

However, he is now accused of sending an email to his colleagues titled “Birthday Treats”, in which he made a dirty reference to a female colleague.


He wrote in the email that there are donuts on Alf’s desk as it’s his birthday, and that he hopes people like Krispy Kremes because he knows (female colleague) enjoys a glazed ring.

The woman replied by writing that what he wrote is totally unacceptable, and that there are limits to “jokes” one can send at work copying in all colleagues. What he wrote is extremely rude and offensive, and she told him that it will be noted forward to HR, before wishing him happy birthday.

A spokesperson for the company has told Insurance Post that the Senior Vice President James Conmy has been suspended, and they noted that they take all incidents very seriously and will not tolerate any behavior that breaches their code of conduct.