Ivanka Trump Reveals She’s ‘Very Much’ Against Abortions


Back in 2016, when Donald Trump won the Presidential election and first took office, many were hoping that his daughter Ivanka Trump would be the sane one and the one they could trust and turn to. In fact, many hoped she would be able to talk her dad out of some his plans for the vulnerable people in the U.S., but it turns out it’s not the case.

Ivanka Trump recently announced her passion for the anti-choice movement, and in an interview with RealClearPolitics, she said she’s pro-life, and unapologetically so.

She continued by saying that she respects all sides of a very personal and sensitive discussion, but she’s also a mother of three children – and parenthood affected her in a profound way in terms of how she thinks about these things.

What made us all suspect her claims is the fact that this position comes just a few days before the election. As we all know, Donald Trump relies on the evangelical vote to shore up his popularity in many states, and we all know how ‘conservative Catholic Christians feel about the pro-life vs pro-choice debate.

Ivanka underwent an Orthodox conversion before she married her husband Jared Kushner, but she had never expressed a firm opinion on abortion. She was considered the Trump that pushed for female empowerment around the world, and many even wondered if she was at odds with her dad’s presidential administration on the issue.

Evangelical conservative Christians are very passionate about their anti-choice agenda, and Ivanka Trump is likely trying to remind them of their agenda.