Jamie Lee Curtis And Fellow Stars Are Upset That ‘Irregardless’ Was Recognized As A Word


There are some people that take grammar very very seriously, and there’s nothing we can do about it.
I mean, everyone has the right to have an opinion, and some would even correct Shakespeare himself. However, although I must admit that I really don’t like grammar-nazis, they do play a role in ensuring that the language remains as virtuous as it is. With the rise of the internet, it seems that people just forgot about grammar altogether, and there are some newcomers in the English language that don’t deserve their spot.

Actress Jamie Lee Curtis was upset that by the inclusion of one such newcomer in the Merriam-Webster dictionary, and she turned to Twitter to express her disappointment. This is what she tweeted about the issue she has with the word ‘irregardless’.

Fellow stars shared Lee Curtis’ dismay and added that it’s a suspicious and literally insane action.

Grammer Twitter asked fact-checking website Snopes to verify whether Merriam-Webster dictionary really recognized ‘irregardless’ as a word in the English language, and it turns out that the word is indeed included in Merriam-Webster.