Jeff Bezos Slammed By Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders For Space Trip After Not Paying Taxes


The Democratic Massachusetts Senator and 2020 U.S. Presidential election candidate Elizabeth Warren has taken it against Amazon owner and billionaire Jeff Bezos on Twitter. Namely, she slammed him for his recent trip to space – a rather frivolous expenditure.
We all know that he’s rich enough to go to space, but we also know that he’s rich enough to end world hunger, house millions of homeless, or even help stop climate change. However, instead, he chose to build a rocket and go to space, just as a flex.

As you probably know already, Bezos recently went on a space trip in a heated ‘space race’ with fellow billionaires such as Elon Musk.

Warren ripped Bezos on Twitter for his trip and wrote that the average American drowns in debt and can barely afford to live.
She also slammed Bezos for not paying money in taxes, despite being a billionaire and the wealthiest man alive.

According to ProPublica, an independent news source, Bezos did not pay a single cent in taxes in 2007, 2011, and 2018, and his pure tax rate between 2014-2018 was of less than one percent.

Besides Warren, other notable politicians commented on Bezos’ recent space trip, including Independent Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders:

Warren and Sanders were not the only ones that called Bezos out on Twitter. Many others slammed him and thanked Amazon workers and customers for funding his recent space flight:

Source: comicsands