Jim Carrey Told Female Reporter She’s On His “Bucket List” During Interview


In an interview for Heartoworld, actor Jim Carrey told an interviewer she was on his “bucket list”, as reported by Page Six.
Carey, who was promoting the movie Sonic the Hedgehog, had an interview with journalist Charlotte Long, and she recalled that, in the movie, Sonic talks about having a bucket list of life goals.

She then asks him if there’s anything still left on his bucket list, after all that he’s done in his life and career.

Carrey says in response “Just you, It’s all done now”.

Long just laughed it off and said in response “I don’t know what to say to that”, but people online had a lot to say, and Twitter found the comment to be very sexist and crass.

The interview continued after the “you’re on my bucket list” comment, and Jim Carrey and Long talked about his past accomplishments and his work ethic.

This is what people said about his comment:


Many others, however, have defended the actor and said that his statement was misconstrued and that there was nothing sexual in his response to Long’s question.