Joe Biden Accused Of Showing ‘Inappropriate’ Fatherly Love, And It’s Just Sad


A photo of Joe Biden hugging and kissing his son Hunter has been circulating the internet in the past few days after Newsmax TV host John Cardillo shared it on Twitter. He captioned the photo with: “Does this look like an appropriate father/son interaction to you?” – and he sparked a heated debate.

The question was clearly meant to provoke Biden and his voters. Biden is known for his deep love for his family and his physical expressions of affection. Although some people accused the photos of being ‘creepy’, most people defended his expressions of affection as those of a close friend and fatherly or grandfatherly figure. In fact, one of the photos featured Biden holding and kissing his grandson at his son Beau’s funeral.

What we should all remember, though, is that everyone has their own level of comfort with physical space, and the line of what’s appropriate is not defined by some standards. It’s different for everyone.

What’s sad is to accuse someone of being inappropriate just because they show love and affection differently.

Thankfully, people recognized John Cardillo’s b.s., and pointed out that the photo says a lot more about Cardillo himself than the father and son in it. Some even suggested the host visits a therapy until he learns the difference between healthy and unhealthy touching.