Joe Biden Will Likely Reverse Trump’s Trans Military Ban After Taking Office


President-elect Joe Biden talked about his plans for expanding LGBTQ+ rights in the country when he takes office in January 2021. He said that he plans to reverse Trump’s near-ban on allowing trans-people to serve in the military.
President Barack Obama allowed trans people to serve openly in the US military and have access to gender-affirming psychological and medical care back in 2016, but the Trump administration reversed this decision in 2017.

Trump said that the military ‘cannot be burdened with the tremendous medical costs and disruption that trans people in the military would entail’ in a tweet, so he reversed Obama’s decision.

According to Trump’s administration, it was the cost of gender-confirming medical care that forced them to make the decision. However, it was just a lousy excuse for discrimination against trans Americans.

Thankfully, the legal director for the National Center for Lesbian Rights, Shannon Minter, believes that reversing the Trump policy should be very easy, and she believes it will be one of the first things President Biden does.

President-elect Biden said that he will direct the Pentagon to allow trans troops to serve and get medical care because it’s for the best for all Americans.

Biden’s campaign website says that the Trump policy is “discriminatory and detrimental to our national security,”, and Biden also pledged to support efforts to ban LGBT conversion therapy and reinstate Obama administration guidelines for public schools to allow trans students to access restrooms.