She is Just 22 Years Old And She’s Already Working With NASA

Meet Tiera Guinn!


Tiera Guinn is just 22 years old and she’s already working with NASA.

As a Rocket Structural Design and Analysis Engineer for the Space Launch System that aerospace company Boeing is building for NASA, Guinn designs and analyzes parts of a rocket that she said will be one of the biggest and most powerful in history.

“It’s really humbling,” she told Alabama news station, WBRC . “I design components for the rockets themselves and then I analyze them to make sure they’re structurally sound.”

Guinn was only 6 years old when she began doing math exercises with her mother.

“When we would go to the grocery store she was get me to clip coupons, put it in my coupon organizer, and by the time we’d get to the register I had to calculate the exact total, including tax. “

“One day I saw a plane fly by and I just had this realization, ‘I can design planes. I’m going to be an aerospace engineer,’” she continued. “So every middle school class that I chose, it was directed towards that goal. The high school that I chose, that took me an hour to get to everyday, it was because I wanted to be an aerospace engineer.”

Guinn pulls inspiration from Hidden Figures (her favorite movie), and wants to see more diversity her in field.

“You should see a black woman as rocket propulsion engineers, as rocket structural and analysis and design engineers. You should see more women in CEO positions.”

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