Kamala Harris’ Secret Service Agents Looked ‘Anxious’ And ‘Tense’ While Walking With Her At DC Pride


Vice President Kamala Harris marched among the crown of people during Saturday’s Washington DC’s Pride event, which seems that put her Secret Service agents in a ‘difficult position’.

As the VP marched on the parade, the Secret Service agents looked ‘anxious’ and ‘surprised’ while they were marching alongside her.

Many Twitter users pointed out how surprised and tense the agents look, as they were clenching their teeth throughout the public appearance.

According to George Conway, the cofounder of the Anti-Trump political action committee named ‘The Lincoln Project’, the agents were clearly ‘not happy’ at the event.

Many others pointed out that the secret service agents looked very nervous while Harris was walking among the crowd and even stopped to address the crowd.
However, as ‘stressful’ as it was for the agents, we’re happy to announce they successfully protected her as she made history as the first-ever Vice President to march in a Pride event.

Source: DailyMail