Kid Rock Takes Random Vulgar Jab At Taylor Swift, The Internet Puts Him In His Place


No one seems to know why, but Kid Rock took a random hit at Taylor Swift because she “wants to be a democrat”. It was possibly because of a recent Vogue story in which Swift talked about her increased interest in politics.
Kid Rock wrote that she only wants to join that political party because “she wants to be in movies”, and he even implied that she would perform oral in order to get to “Hollyweird”.

Many people pointed out at the inherent sexism in Kid Rock in which he implies that she could only get a movie role if she performed oral. However, Swift has already been cast in a movie, and even though she hasn’t personally responded to his remarks, many people have. They pointed out that Kid Rock actually grew up in a very rich family and that he shouldn’t be the one pointing out what people should do.