Kirstie Alley Shames Sexual Assault Victims on Social Media


This is a deeply problematic opinion for Kirstie Alley to have

Alley won yesterday’s Angela Lansbury Award for Worst Comment on Sexual Harassment with a series of tweets wondering who the real victims are. It’s about time someone stands up to alleged victims—they’ve had it too good for too long.

“Can’t confront your accuser?”

Girl, don’t pretend you wouldn’t be F*CKING TERRIFIED of a powerful man with multi-million dollar institutions set up to protect his job and reputation.

And if they do come forward, they’re lying? It’s a classic, almost boring, assumption that many women are lying just out of pettiness or spite, which has been proven statistically wrong by studies.

Naturally, Alley faced backlash for her extremely strong opinion on this matter, and shortly after her first tweet, tweeted out a second, more placating statement.

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