Kobe Bryant’s Widow Might Have to Take Psych Test in Lawsuit To Prove Her Grief


Vanessa Bryant, the wife of NBA great Kobe Bryant and the 13-year-old Gianna, who were tragically lost in a helicopter crash along with seven other passengers back in January 2020 will have to endure a psychiatric evaluation to determine the cause of her grief and distress.
Vanessa personally asked for the crash sight to be designated a no fly zone after paparazzi and the first responders from the Los Angeles county sheriffs and fire departments took photos of the aftermath of the crash, including the victims and their personal devices.

She filed a lawsuit against Los Angeles County and the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s office over the photos, after the first responders shared them with friends and family. Her attorney claimed that the taking and sharing of those photos was in ‘deliberate indifference’ to Vanessa and her family’s right to privacy, so the lawsuit seeks to impose accountability for that.
She also claims that the leaked graphic photos caused her emotional distress.

As it turns out, however, LA county now needs firmer proof of her distress. Yes, they need a psychiatric evaluation to ‘evaluate the existence, extent, and nature of Plaintiffs’ alleged emotional injuries’.

“Plaintiffs cannot claim that they are suffering from ongoing depression, anxiety, and severe emotional distress and then balk at having to support their claims.” – LA County claims.

Expectedly, Bryant’s attorneys and her family were baffled, and called the request a ‘scorched earth discovery tactic’ and inappropriate.
The Twitter-sphere was equally horrified by LA County’s actions, and many claim that this would only add to Vanessa Bryant’s ongoing grief.

Source: Comicsands