Korean Artist Illustrates The Happiness Of Living Alone With A Dog


When everything is happening so fast in this 21st-century machine, it’s sometimes hard to find a minute just for yourself. So, Korean artist Aeppol decided to illustrate the beauty and wonders that lie within solitude and spending some time alone.

Aeppol finds her inspiration in a series of beautiful and whimsical illustrations that convey calm and tranquillity, her work celebrates the innocence of youth, the beauty of nature and the happiness that can be found simply by being alone. “I feel special from very tiny things – fairy tales that I loved when I was young, some dream stories, tiny wildflowers, and white clouds in the blue sky,” Aeppol told Bored Panda. “And these are a huge part of my drawings.”

Aeppol’s illustrated forest girl shows a side of an introvert that every one of us carries – enjoying nature in an absolute solitude without a single worry going through our minds, sitting in an absolute tranquillity. That’s the life that many of us wish to have. “Especially in Korea, which is famous for “Quick and quick”. But I think that’s why the time in nature is more valuable. I think communicating with nature is really important to me and to my work.”