Lady Gaga, Bradley Cooper’s Steamy Oscars Performance Gets Reaction From Actor’s Ex-wife


Bradley Cooper’s ex-wife Jennifer Esposito had something to say amid questions about the nature of the actor’s relationship with Lady Gaga following their intimate duet at the Oscars on Sunday night.

The pair raised eyebrows as they took to the stage to perform their A Star is Born track Shallow.

Comedian David Spade was one of those people, and took to Twitter to share a screenshot of the pair’s performance, writing alongside it: “Is there any chance these 2 aren’t f—ing?”

Jennifer, who was married to Bradley for a few months in 2006, was quick to comment, and chose just one word as her reply, writing “Ha”.

She later clarified her comments in a tweet, saying she was laughing at Spade’s joke, adding, “(Please) take your insanity elsewhere.”

So it’s settled! She thought it was a funny joke from a funny person and nothing else? I can’t think of a single one of my exes that I would laugh about watching them sing the #1 love song of the year with Lady Gaga, but Jennifer is probably a better person than all of us?