Lady Gaga Called Out Sexist Interviewer For Double Standards Over Songs’ Lyrics


Lady Gaga is one of the brightest stars in the show biz, and she has been on the top of the game for over a decade.
Her recent success with the movie A Star Is Born only multiplied her stardom, and she gained many new fans in the last months.

However, Lady Gaga is no stranger to the sexism that takes place in the industry, especially as a female musician who writes her own music and is candid about politics and her own sexuality. Even though, she makes sure to take care of it and shut it down the moment she notices it.

Lady Gaga shared stirring words of solidarity with Dr. Christine Blasey-Ford when she testified against Brett Kavanaugh, and she emphasized how brave it was for Blasey-Ford to come forward, and she also noted how trauma can affect the process of recollection.

Any Gaga fan that is familiar with her evolution over the years knows that she has been speaking out about sexism ever since she became known to the public, and a recently resurfaced clip from 2009 sees Gaga promptly shutting down an interviewer who asked her if she was scared if “her provocative lyrics would overshadow her talent”.

This is what Gaga said during the interview:

The sexism in the interview is, sadly, still widely relevant, and the video made waves when a fan posted it over the weekend.