Lesbian Couple Welcomes Babies, Thanks to Gay Donor Friends


A married lesbian couple has welcomed two children after each of the women became pregnant, thanks to two different sperm donations by their gay friends.

Carla Melendez, 32, and her wife Mariely Martinez, 34, of Sanford, Florida, respectively gave birth to a daughter and a son over the summer.

At first, the two women thought about finding a donor online, but thought their children would one day want to know their father’s identity—so they turned to their married friends Alex Torres, 30, and Juny Roman, 33.

‘We wanted to have the dads to be part of the babies’ lives,’ Melendez told ABC News. ‘We knew at that at some point the babies were going to ask us, “Who’s my dad? What does he look like?” With a sperm bank, you don’t have that.’
Initially, Melendez added, Torres was going to be the only donor. But after meeting Roman, she and her wife loved his personality and decided to ask him as well.

Both women met Torres about 10 years ago, and later rekindled their friendship with him and his husband in Sanford.
Martinez gave birth to a son, Matteo, in July. One month later, her wife gave birth to their daughter, Marla. Torres is Marla’s father, while Roman is Matteo’s dad.

Melendez and Martinez have full custody of the children, but the two men will be involved in raising the children, and will be able to surround them with love, the couples told the TV station.

‘I think it’s good to let the world know that love is the more important thing in this world and it doesn’t matter where it comes from,’ Melendez said of her family.

Roman, meanwhile, always thought he would one day be a father but wasn’t sure how it would come to be, until the chance to become a donor came along.

‘I was at a point in my life where I said, “There’s no opportunity,” ‘ he said. ‘[Melendez and Martinez] have given us the opportunity to be part of this journey. We are a new, modern family.’

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