List Of Things You Shouldn’t Put Up With When You Reach Your 40s


The forties are the new thirties, and you better believe it! Why? Because there’s a lot less that you’ll put up with when you reach the golden age, starting from fake friends to unpleasurable experience in bed.

These are the things women in their 40s don’t have to put up with, and if you’re a woman in your 40s, we believe you’ll agree with the list.

You’re done with unrealistic expectations

Lowering your expectations lowers your blood pressure, and you won’t feel terrible when something unexpected or bad happens. You recognize that life is hard for everyone, and you’re able to forgive and forget more easily.

You’re done with fake friends

This is probably one of the important things in the list: You’re so done with fake friends! To add to that, you can spot them from miles away, which is just a bonus at this point.

You shouldn’t tolerate bad intimate life

You’ve had enough of that to know what works for you and what doesn’t. Sure, you realize that it doesn’t have to be mind-blowing every single time, but you know what you want, and you’re not afraid to ask.

You’re done with clothing that is too tight

You’ve put up with too-tight jeans, dresses, and bras for far too long. You just want your body to be able to move freely, and you refuse to squeeze into something just because it used to fit you years ago.


You shouldn’t let your fear stop you

No one in this world is fearless, and that’s just a fact. However, what differs your 20s from your 40s is that when you’re 40, you won’t let your fear stop you from achieving your goals.

You’re done with acting like you have it all together

No one has it all together – and you know it. This is especially true for people you think have it all together, and the reality is that the amount of time and energy it takes to put up that front is just exhausting.

You’re done with comparing yourself to others

You have realized by now that there’s nothing as damaging to yourself as constantly comparing yourself to other people. If you take yourself down every time you see someone who’s prettier, thinner, more successful in their respective career, has more patience with their kids, etc, you just know you’re doomed. You are you, and life is NOT a competition!