Loving Couple In Their 90s That’s Been Together For 72 Years Shares The Secret For True Love


Photographer and visual storyteller @butnaturalphotography shared that they always look for stories that can give them hope and a promise that love can be eternal.
In a photography masterclass in Wales, they ran into Mel and Vera, and decided to gift them images that would showcase their eternal love.

The two have been together for 72 years, of which 68 in marriage, and their love is as strong as it was the first day. The 95-year-old jokingly told the photographer that they would have got off sooner with a life sentence.


Vera was only 18 years old when she first saw him at a hospital, and he had only recently returned from serving in WWII as a Royal Engineer.

During the photoshoot, the photographer asked the couple about the secret to a happy marriage, and they said: ‘You’ve got to stick at it, Stand by each other, always’.

Check out the amazing photos that prove eternal love exists below:

Credit: Instagram