Madonna’s Daughter Lourdes Leon Has Caused A Stir On The Internet With Her Armpits Again


Madonna’s daughter Lourdes Leon flaunted her hairy armpits on social media and the Internet had mixed feelings about it.

Not long after Madonna shared the sweet New Year’s Eve photo with her daughter on Twitter and Instagram, many weighed in on the 21-year-old’s choice to let her armpit hair grow wild and free — for better and for worse.

Many cheered the look. “As long as she uses soap & deodorant it’s all good. Women have been forced to shave. By men to fit an image of what they want women to be. ALL women have hair there. We’re just not used to seeing it,” one fan tweeted.

Though, others were not as supportive. One person tweeted, “Shave it, Braid it, Curl it, or Trim it. Do something! Geez! That armpit hair took the focus away from beauty of the photo!”

However, other fans were quick to shut Leon’s internet trolls, writing, “Y’all are complaining about armpit hair? You clearly have a lot of growing up to do!”

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