Male Teacher Tells 15-Year-Old Student To “Hold In” Her Period


There’s still a stigma about discussing menstruation, especially between men, but one would believe that any man who has ever taken a class in basic human biology (or have any woman in his life) would know how the period works.

A mom recently shared that she was left shocked after her daughter’s male teacher told her to “hold in” her period.
Yes, you read that right: her male teacher believes that women can hold in period like it’s pee.

The mom shared her post on Mumsnet, a U.K. website where parents discuss anything, from women’s rights to adoption, mom-hacks, etc.


So, the teacher prevented the 15-year-old girl from using the bathroom because he (we assume) genuinely believes women can hold back their periods. Oh my..

Some people, though, said that the teacher was correct to say “No” to the girl because students often lie about their periods just to get out of class.

Most people agreed, though, that the teacher was in the wrong here, and that he needs a lesson is a basic biology.