Mall Security Guards Escorted This College Student Out Because Her Bra Was Showing


“I was escorted out the mall for my outfit. For my skin color. For my body type.”


Demetriana Miles visited Arden Fair Mall in Sacramento, California with her family on July 1st, but their shopping trip was cut short when a security guard removed Miles for her “inappropriate” outfit.

After being escorted out of the mall, Miles tweeted a picture of exactly what she was wearing.

So…what is the problem here? Perhaps the security guard is just not a big AC/DC fan? Nah, it is probably just another person offended that a woman has the audacity to have a body.

Jeez people, this is a mall.

Today i wore this outfit to Arden Fair Mall. A white female security guard seen me and noticed my bra was showing, instead of letting me know so i could pull my shirt down, she asked a scooter security guard to tell me it was against dress code and change. I pulled my shirt down and he said it wasn’t enough. I told him i would fix it and me and my family walked away. I wandered around the mall and seen a COUNTLESS amount of little skinny girls with next to NO clothes on, so much worse than me. The man approaches me AGAIN and asks if i found a shirt. As he says that two (white) girls walk past with tight little half shirts on & shorts. My mom points them out because why on EARTH are you constantly harassing me and he says “they have on more clothes than you” WHAT. So then he calls the police , the lady that initially seen me, and i asked why she didn’t just tell me AS A WOMAN, “hey honey you’re bra is showing” it could have been that simple. My mom asked me to stop taking because i was upset and i wasn’t speaking respectfully. The two skinny white girls walk past AGAIN and my mom points it out to the female police officer and she completely disregards it. My mom, god bless her heart, defended me till her face was red and tears welled up in her eyes. I was escorted out the mall for my outfit. For my skin color. For my body type. Never have i EVER been so humiliated in my life. Needless to say, my mom is amazing

Yahoo Style reached out to the mall to get their side of the story, and were given this statement from a representative.

The intent of Arden Fair’s Code of Conduct is to make Arden Fair a safe and family-centered mall for community members of all ages to enjoy respectfully. It is not our intent to regulate the fashion choices of guests. Arden Fair management had the opportunity to have a conversation with Demetriana. We appreciate her willingness to discuss this event with us. Arden Fair is and will continue to review and adjust our policies to ensure all guests have a positive experience when visiting our center.

Miles confirmed to Yahoo Style that she did end up meeting with a manager to further discuss the incident, and is pleased with the outcome of their talk: “I spoke to the manager of the mall, and I had a very positive experience with him. He apologized and admitted fault and said that they would work on their policies. It was a very positive experience, which I didn’t expect it to be, so I was very pleasantly surprised.”

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