Man Donated $4 Million Apartment Complex For Recovering Single Mothers To Live For Free


Rick Steves is a travel guru famous for his popular travel series on PBS, and he’s made his fortune with his best-selling European travel guides.
Steves has given the YWCA a building complex that will help homeless women and children stay there for free, and the apartment complex costs about $4 million. It will house up to 24 struggling women and their children for free.

Steves and his organization Trinity Palace are focused on helping single mothers that recover from addictions, and the help and support are provided by YWCA and Rotary Club to get these women back on their feet.


According to Steves, the “gap between rich and poor in the country continues to widen”, and he believes that these basic needs, such as affordable housing, will only increase as budget cuts are implemented.

The two-bedroom apartments will have all the amenities for single mothers to live with their kids, and we’re thankful to Steves for doing this.