Man Flees His Own House Because His Sister-In-Law Says Wants To Drop The Kids Off


You know what keeps families and family relationships healthy? Boundaries.
No matter how close you are to your siblings, parents, cousins, or other extended family members, it’s crucial to be aware of the boundaries that exist. You can’t constantly sacrifice your own life for their needs – even if you love them more than anything.

Case in point, Reddit user u/IamAndy123 recently decided to share their story to the popular Am I The A-hole subreddit and asked for advice.

Namely, he shared that he refused to babysit his nephews by rushing out of his home before they could even arrive. At first glance, it seems like an a-hole move, right? But, there’s much more to the story, which is why you’ll have to check it out in its full below before you make any decision.


The guy asked if he was in the wrong for leaving the house when his sister-in-law said that she was on her way to drop the kids off for him to watch, and Reddit responded. Check out the story below.

Reddit was unanimous in its verdict: almost everyone voted that the Original Poster is NOT THE A-hole here. However, they had a lot to say about the family drama, and offered some advice on how to handle the situation.

Source: Bored Panda