Man Sentenced To 70 Years For Forcing Himself On His 1-YO Daughter And Posting Videos Of It


A Florida man has been sentenced to 70 years of prison time after he pleaded guilty to the despicable crimes he committed against his own child.

The former paramedic, reportedly, filmed himself forcing himself onto his 1-year-old daughter a number of times, and he posted the videos on the dark web. The 31-year-old James Lockhart is the heartless father that committed this horrible crime to his own daughter, and he appears to have no remorse for what he did, as authorities revealed that he also bragged about taking advantage of another helpless 1-year-old.

It has been reported by the New York Post that Lockhart made 4 videos of him forcing upon his infant daughter between March 2016 and February 2018. Court records revealed that Lockhart uploaded the videos to the dark web forums, using the screen names “HardWood” and “StrangeWood”. Newsweek reports that the father also posted questions on the forums, asking if anyone has any specific requests for videos or pictures. The police found more videos and photos of the father and the baby in Lockhart’s possession.

Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) agents came across Lockhart’s crimes during an investigation code-named “Operation Test Pilot”, when they infiltrated into the forums and found the deeply disturbing photos and videos.

The agents talked with Lockhart’s wife during the investigation, who is the mother of his two children, a boy, and a girl, and they showed her a sanitized snap of the infant from one of the videos. The woman confirmed that the baby is their daughter and that the hand of the man in the clips is that of her husband.
Lockhart was arrested on October 5 last year.

Lockheart took a plea deal and he pleaded guilty to producing, distributing, and possessing such videos, and he is required to pay a fine of more than $750,000 and faces 70 years of prison time.