Man Shares Eye-Opening Story About His ‘Black Walk’ Through a White Neighborhood


Even though we’re all humans, and we’re all the same, our experiences on our planet differ vastly. Thankfully, children are still ‘innocent’ and see things through a different perspective than adults.

Additionally, women and men have different perspectives on certain things, and people from different races have different view on certain issues.
It’s a fact that people with different amounts of melanin experience the world differently, and despite all the effort that has been done to raise awareness and fight for inclusivity, the issues are still prevailing.


David Summer is a black American man who recently shared a story on Facebook that reflect the experience many black Americans live through every day.
The post was shared to help non-black people see the world the way black people see it, and it has since been shared more than 20,000 times.

Check out the post for yourself below:

Source: Upworthy