Man Sues Clinic For Allowing His Girlfriend To Have An Abortion Without His Consent


A probate court in Madison County, Alabama, has recognized a woman’s aborted fetus as a person with rights, and allowed her ex-boyfriend to proceed with his lawsuit against the women’s health clinic where his ex-girlfriend ended her pregnancy two years ago.
Ryan Magers says that he begged his ex not to terminate her pregnancy, and he says that he aims to “give a voice” to other men who want a say in a woman’s reproductive choices with his lawsuit.

Magers has named the pharmaceutical company that makes the so-called “abortion pill” and Alabama Women’s Center that terminated the woman’s pregnancy in a lawsuit. He told ABC 31 at the time that he’s there for the men who actually want to have their baby, and he noted that he tried to plead with her and just talk to her, but in the end, there was nothing he could do to change her mind.

Magers’ lawyer J. Brent Helms said in an interview that Magers had sought legal action to try and stop his ex-girlfriend from getting an abortion when she was six weeks pregnant.
The lawyer added that Magers was all about family, and he even took on extra jobs to be able to pay for the birth of Baby Roe (the aborted fetus). The girl was either 17 or 18 years old at the time, and Helms said that the couple’s relationship fell apart after the abortion and they broke up.


The lawyer said that the lawsuit isn’t about Magers controlling his ex-girlfriend, but it’s “about the opportunity for a family”.
When asked if his client is considering adopting since he wants a child so badly, the lawyer said that he isn’t.
The identity of Magewrs’ ex-girlfriend cannot be made public due to laws protecting the privacy of women who undergo the procedure.

Even though Magers said that his lawsuit is all about “family”, his own attorney revealed that it’s actually about ending abortion rights.
Magers told Rafinery29 at the time that if they win this case for wrongful losing of one’s life, then the result may be the elimination of abortion altogether in the state of Alabama.