Man Whines About His Girlfriend’s “Nagging” For Him To Do Parenting, Gets Destroyed By Another Dad


Most parents would tell you that being a parent is certainly not an easy task, and, no matter how much support you receive from your family and friends, the constant exhaustion that moms and dads face can only be understood by fellow parents.

To add to that, the nature of sexism brings far more societal pressure and scrutiny on moms, regardless of how good of a parent they are.

The embedded nature of gender roles still goes strong, even today, and dads still get applauded for doing something basic as watching the kids or packing their lunch while mom is out, while the same tasks are expected of the mom.

The worst people of all, however, are the random strangers on the street or on the Internet that are mom-shaming women, and some father has even carried out those engrained models into their own homes.


A dad recently posted on the AITA subreddit and asked people whether he’s wrong for thinking that motherhood and fatherhood have fundamental differences between them.

The man ‘mansplained’ how it isn’t natural for dads to pick up as much work as moms, and he wondered if other people share his opinion. Check out the full story below, and how people reacted to it.

Most people sided with his wife, but there was one response that stood from the others, and you can see why: