Mariah Carey Hospitalized After Believing Michael Jackson And Whitney Houston Were Coming Over


In opening up last week to a national magazine about how she has bipolar disorder, Mariah Carey seemed to downplay the extent to which this mental illness, perhaps coupled with alleged substance abuse issues, has spun her life out of control.

For example, Carey didn’t reveal how her illness or alleged addictions to alcohol and prescription pills has led to some frightening incidents.

The Blast is reporting one incident in particular: A night in 2016 when the 48-year-old singer apparently had a psychotic episode and believed that Prince, Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston were coming to her home for a dinner party.

That night, Carey’s estranged husband Nick Cannon called the singer’s former manager Stella Bulochnikov in panic, the Blast said, citing sources close to the situation.

Cannon in turn had received a call from the star’s nanny, saying she found Carey “wearing a ball gown and a tiara” and sporting a Ring-Pop she claimed was given to her “from the royal family.”

Carey asked the nanny to prepare her two young children, now 6-year-old Moroccan and Monroe, for dinner with Prince, Jackson and Houston — who were all dead at the time, The Blast said.

The nanny, fearing her boss was a danger to herself and others, alerted Cannon and others in her inner circle, the Blast reported. They rushed to her home with a Psychiatrist, who told them the singer should be hospitalized immediately.

On the way to the hospital, Carey reportedly was out of control and tried to jump out of the moving vehicle, sources told The Blast.

Doctors at The Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center suggested to Carey’s team that she be placed on an involuntary 5150 hold, but The Blast reported that her high-powered friends wanted to keep her breakdown as private as possible.

Her friends include the now disgraced director and producer Brett Ratner, who has been accused by actresses Olivia Munn, Ellen Page and others of sexual misconduct. Rattner allegedly knew officials at the hospital who convinced Doctors to allow Carey to be released from the hospital. Carey instead received treatment, discreetly, in a suite at the Beverly Hills Hotel.

Carey stayed at the hotel for several weeks — her treatment administered by a team of Doctors. The Blast noted that hotel patrons saw Carey during her stay at the hotel, walking the grounds in the company of a Doctor in scrubs.

Carey returned home with her condition stabilized, but she began to spiral out of control again after she refused to take her medication, The Blast said.

Carey now faces a possible breach of contract lawsuit from Bulochnikov, whose lawyers describes the pop diva as a “train wreck” with major substance abuse issues, TMZ reported Monday.

Bulochnikov was fired by Carey in November 2017. In court filings intended as the initial step to a lawsuit, Bulochnikov said she was sexually harassed by Carey who chose to be constantly nude in her presence, TMZ reported. The singer also performed sexual acts in front of her.

Additionally, Bulochnikov’s lawyer, Pierce O’Donnell, told The Blast that Carey is “addicted to alcohol, prescription pills and marijuana.”

The attorney said Carey was “stoned out of her mind” during her now infamous appearance on ABC’s “Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin Eve” in 2016. Carey later blamed equipment malfunction for her erratic performance, during which she waved to the crowd instead of singing as her dancers moved around her.

O’Donnell furthermore said that Carey’s revelation last week that she has Bipolar disorder was misleading since “the reason that she is in the position she is in now is she refused to take her medication.”

In a cover story for People, Carey disclosed that she had been dealing with Bipolar II disorder for years but had kept silent out of shame.

She said she would go through horrific bouts of insomnia and work furiously, then “hit a wall,” falling into a “low-energy” place of feeling incredibly “lonely and sad.” She also said she would become irritable and was “in constant fear of letting people down.”

Bipolar II disorder is a mood disorder, characterized by periods of depression and hypomania. This is a type of mania that is less severe than the full-blown mania of Bipolar I disorder, but that can still cause an intense sense of elation, mixed with hyperactivity, insomnia and irritability.

The National Institutes of Mental Health added that people experiencing severe episodes of mania or depression can also have psychotic symptoms, such as hallucinations or delusions.

The psychotic symptoms tend to match the person’s extreme mood, NIMH says. For example, a person during an extreme manic episode may believe she has special powers — or is hosting a dinner party for other pop superstars who are dead.

A representative for Carey has disputed claims made by Bulochnikov, telling Page Six that the Manager was fired because she failed to do her job “effectively.” The representative also decried the way Bulochnikov has been spreading “false rumors” to the media, adding that Carey’s team wouldn’t respond to those “lies and threats.”

But with regard to Bulochnikov’s allegations that Carey often exposed herself, she wouldn’t be the only former Carey employee to make such a claim. In November, Michael Anello, the former head of a company that provided security for Carey, also said in preparations for a lawsuit that Carey exposed herself to him and performed “sexual acts with the intent that they would be viewed” by him.