Mark Ruffalo Calls Out Ellen For Her Comments About George W. Bush


You’re probably well aware of the controversy surrounding Ellen DeGeneres and former president George W. bush by now.

Ellen was criticized for associating with the controversial former President of the U.S. as the two were spotted at a Cowboys game together, and she explained on her show that Bush is her “friend”.

Many people felt like Ellen’s response minimizes what Bush did as a president, including his opposition to gay rights.
Even though some celebrities, including Kristen Bell and Reese Witherspoon, defended Ellen, actor Mark Ruffalo had none of it.

Ruffalo took Ellen to task for her belief that Bush deserves kindness in a tweet posted Wednesday afternoon, and the tweet got the attention of many:

Many people on Twitter were happy to see a celebrity actor like Mark Ruffalo call out Ellen for her comments. What do you think about this one? Is Ruffalo right? Feel free to discuss it in the comments.