Meghan Markle Just Revealed Her Due Date (And It’s Pretty Soon)


Royal baby incoming.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex visited the town of Birkenhead on Monday, where Meghan’s baby bump was on full display in a vibrant red and purple outfit. Several excited fans spoke to Meghan about her baby-to-be, and according to multiple reporters, the chic duchess was more than forthcoming with details about her pregnancy.

“We asked her how her pregnancy was going and she said she was six months and she tapped her tummy,” Carla Gandy of nearby Wallasey told People. Meghan also reportedly told other royal watchers who were gathered in Hamilton Square that her baby is due in late April (or early May).

Speaking to another pregnant woman named Angel Midgely, Meghan also revealed that she and Harry opted not to find out the baby’s gender.

“We don’t know. We’re keeping it a surprise — whichever way we’ll be thrilled with the outcome,” the Duchess of Sussex reportedly said.

In October, Kensington Palace revealed that Meghan and Harry were expecting their first child together. At the time, they said only that Meghan “is expecting a baby in the Spring of 2019,” leaving a three-month window in which her due date could be. This is fairly standard royal protocol, as the family didn’t announce Kate Middleton’s precise due date for any of her three pregnancies.