Men Are Breaking Gender Stereotypes By Rocking Pearls In a New Fashion Trend


Men are breaking gender stereotypes and love their pearls – and we’re loving it!
Many male celebrities, including famous musicians, singers, rappers, and sportsmen are rocking their new jewelry, and there’s a huge trend among men when it comes to pearls.
Besides the models on runways, we’ve seen A-list celebrities such as Drake and Harry Styles rocking pearls, as well as baseball players, such as San Francisco Giants’ Joc Pederson. And, according to fashion experts, the trend is awesome and its here to stay!


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According to jewelry sellers, the pandemic helped the trend gain attention due to the communication on platforms such as Zoom.

This is what Angie Kennedy, the vice president of merchendising at Zales, a division of Signet (SIG) said:

“Men’s jewelry was starting to take off pre-pandemic. Then as soon as the shutdown happened and we started to live in this virtual world, it quickly became about how can he wardrobe from the neck up, just the same as the search to find Zoom-worthy jewelry for women. In the last baseball season, we saw baseball players come to the field with pearl necklaces on. It just solidified the trend for us,”

What makes the trend even more fascinating is that these men don’t just wear pearls in a string, but they mix it up with diamonds, or they string pearls on a gold chain. Some are even wearing a matching bracelet as well, and the industry has also responded by introducing new models, unconventional materials, and many different colors.

According to Kennedy, the bolder designs are meanth to be gender-neutral: “She might wear it on a Friday night and he’s wearing it out to a game on Saturday. What used to be worn in a much more formal manner can now be worn with a T-shirt,” she said.

Source: Upworthy