Men Are Leaving Their Wives And Children For Adult Dolls


The Japanese have some pretty unique views, customs, and attitudes when it comes to intimate life. We are not judging anything here, of course, and, in fact, the Japanese have open up the eyes of the West for many topics that were once taboo.

However, one of the most recent trends will not be accepted by many people, because it includes leaving your wife (or partner), and children for a relationship with a silicone doll.
Yup, two men have made that leap, and they have shared why they did it.

Physiotherapist Masayuki told AFP reports that he and his wife stopped being intimate after she gave birth, and he felt a “deep sense of loneliness”. He purchased Mayu to fill the romantic void, and he said that it was “love at first sight” when he first saw the doll at the showroom. He now sleeps with the doll instead of his wife, even though they live under the same roof.


Senj, a married father of two, also gave up that life in order to live with his silicone doll Saori.

The businessmen refuses to give the doll up, even though his decision ruined his family, and he said that his son accepts it, but his daughter just can’t.


Masayuki even takes out his doll out on dates, and he often places her in a wheelchair.

Senj says that he made the decision because human beings are very demanding, and they always want something from you, like money or commitment.


He said that his heart flutters when he comes home to Saori, as he knows that she never betrays him and she makes his worries melt away.
He added that he will never date a real woman again, because they’re heartless.