Mexican Women Will Hold A National Strike On March 9 After Series Of Femicides


Numerous feminist activists, social media users, and women, in general, are calling for a national strike to take place in Mexico on March 9, just a day after International Women’s Day.

At least 4 children go missing and 10 women lose their lives of the hands of criminals, and the main problem is that the police very rarely solves any of these cases. Women have raised their voices to demand justice, equality, and the eradication of gender violence, especially femicide.

Mexican women have been on the receiving end of both femicide and impunity for decades, and the femicide rates have been alarming in since the ’90s.

Women plan not to work, go to school, take their daughters to school, or purchase anything on March 9 in a form of a protest, and they’re also urging men to be allies and help women on that day.
The point of the protest is to give visibility to the role of the woman in Mexico and to put light on issues like femicide, inequality, and misogyny.

The date is now an especially important occasion to promote women’s issues and rights, especially in developing countries like Mexico. Women have been using the hashtags #ParoNacionaldeMujeres (National Women’s Strike), #UnDíaSinNosotras (A Day Without Us), and #UnDiaSinMujeres (A Day Without Women), and many universities, political parties, and even the Mexican government have shown their support to the strike.