Michelle Obama, Hilary Clinton, AOC, And Other Political Icons Portrayed As Gender-Based Victims


**Trigger Warning**

Alexsandro Palombo is a contemporary Pop artist and activist who recently released his latest thought-provoking series titled “Just Because I Am A Woman”.
Many issues that almost every woman on Earth is familiar with are highlighted in the series, and it depicts some of the most famous women in the world of politics on the receiving end of a domestic misdemeanor. The series shows the fact that no woman is immune to gender-based mistreatment in the world, no matter her position.

Palombo’s media relations manager told Upworthy that the artist chose public figures, including Michelle Obama, Hillary Clinton, Angela Merkel, Brigitte Macron, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and others as the subject of the series because they represent accomplished and committed women, and they’re a symbolic in the struggle for gender equality. He also chose political figures because it is an issue that must be taken seriously by the political world, and he invites these powerful women to unite and act.

Credit: Alexsandro Palombo Facebook