Mike Pence Says People Should “Spend More Time On Their Knees Than On The Internet”


Mike Pence is a known anti LGBT person, and he delivered yet another one of his “glorious” rhetorical gifts to the internet recently.
Believe it or not, he advised some people at a talk to “spend more time on their knees than on the internet”. He used the sentence at a talk hosted by the Alliance Defending Freedom, an organization that is anti LGBT people under the guise of “religious liberty”.

So, how did it come for Pence to say it?

It was only after the CEO of the group asked him how the members of the group could deal with the backlash from people around the internet. Pence said that the number one thing they should do is spend more time on their knees than on the internet, and added that forgiveness is a great gift.

Naturally, this came as a gift to the internet, and some people were sarcastically applauding his newfound positivity about such things: