Millennial Women Share The Toxic Things They Were Taught While Growing Up


Millennials are all grown up now (on the contrary to popular belief), and we’re well over the toxic ‘rules’ that were imposed to us while growing up – especially if you’re a girl.

Namely, we were kids during a really stressful time in history – and we were in the midst of the Internet revolution. Yes, we’re THAT generation that grew up without Internet, but had to learn it all just to get a job.

Rings a bell?

Add being a woman in the mix, and you have quite the experience.

Millennial women have been recently taking it to Twitter to share the toxic things they were taught when growing up, and there are too many entries to count. However, we decided to share some of the stories with you, so check them out below and feel free to discuss the topic in the comments.







Source: BuzzFeed