Misogynist Guy Shares Dating “101 Reality Facts” For Women To Follow


The dating game is very complicated and straight out tough to play.
However, what we absolutely don’t need is dating tips from a radio host that is known for saying absolutely moronic things just for attention. To add to that, he writes that he has been “happily married for 17 years”, which means he has no clue about the modern-day dating.
Well, radio host Stefan Molyneux still decided to share his “dating reality 101 tips” on Twitter, even though theoretically he hasn’t been on a date for almost two decades.


This is what he wrote:

It seems like the guy is saying “wake up & mate up” to women, so it means that his post is dedicated to women? So, he believes that women should listen to his “tips”, even though he considers us to be baby factories.

Many people tried to reason with the radio host, but it seems like he had a horrible answer prepared for everything.