Missing Teen Rescued Using Popular TikTok Hand Gesture Signal For Help


Ashveville is a 16-year-old teenager from North Carolina that was reported missing by her parents on Tuesday. She was saved by Kentucky police after she managed to signal for help by using a hand gesture that gained popularity on TikTok to represent use of force at home.
A motorist in Kentucky called 911 reported seeing a girl in distress in a vehicle. The girl was making hand gesture that are known on TikTok and signal ‘I need help’.

The one-handed sign can be used when in distress, and to use it, you should hold your hand up with the palm facing out, and tuck your thumb into your hand and close your fingers to trap the thumb.

According to police, the teen had learned the hand gesture on TikTok, and the person who called 911 followed the vehicle for seven miles. The police then pulled over the car and managed to rescue the teen.

As it turns out, the suspect took the teen from North Carolina to Ohio.

Lauren County Sheriff’s Deputy Gilbert Acciardo said that the police doesn’t know how long the teen had been doing the signal to other motorists, hoping that they would notice she was in distress. Finally, someone recognized the sign, and the police arrested the man and charged him with unlawful imprisonment and possession of a matter to a minor.

Source: edition.cnn.com