Moby Posted Creepy Post About “Dating” Natalie Portman, And It Backfired Badly


Moby, the American singer and songwriter, is currently promoting his book called Then It Fell Apart, which is a so-called “memoir” that features stories about him dating Natalie Portman. However, according to her, the stories are a creepy fan fiction.

The “musician”, however, insists that they were together when he was 33 and she was 20.
What’s funny is that he got everything wrong, including her age.

Natalie Portman told Harper’s Bazaar that she was surprised to hear that he characterized the very short time she knew him as “dating”, because her recollection is a much older man being creepy with her when she had just graduated high school. She noted that he was on tour and she was working on a movie, so they only hung out a handful of times before she realized that this was an older man that was interested in her in a way that felt inappropriate.

Moby tried to prove that he is right by posting this creepy photo of him and Portman on Instagram, but in reality, he only elevated the post to new levels of self-ownage, because he dated the photo to 1999, when Portman was actually 18.

The caption of his creepy Instagram photo quickly turned into a meme on social media, and people took Moby’s “see! we dated!” plea and used it on their own photos. The results were absolutely hilarious, however, if there is ONE single way to NOT confront your trolls, is to post another creepy message on Instagram.

And this is what Moby posted in Response, which, unbelievably, made things even worse for him: