Model Reveals She’s Forced To Wear ‘Big Suit’ For Plus-Size Campaigns


Karoline Bjørnelykke is a plus-size model that goes by the TikTok handle @coolquinn. She recently drew attention to the ‘impossible’ beauty standards that are promoted for plus-sized people, many of which make her wear ‘plus-size suits’ to ensure that her face and neck still look ‘slim’.

So, she explained in the video that she’s a plus-sized model, even though she doesn’t look like one.


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In the video, she said that since she’s not plus-size herself, brands often make her wear suits for plus-sized people and bigger clothes so her face and neck look ‘slim’.

She’s well aware that she’s of average size, but brands make her wear bigger and padded clothes so her body could look bigger.

According to Bjørnelykke, brands want their models to have ‘slim-looking face’ but bigger body to advertise their producs.

In the video, she said that she suggests brands use real plus-sized women, because there are so many gorgeous plus-sized women out there.

Many users thanked her for explaining plus-sized advertising.