Mom, 86 Has Fostered 189 Kids Over The Past 40 Years And Has No Plans To Stop


Cover photo credit: cottonbro

After losing her husband about 20 years ago, Hannah Ford found herself in a dark place, especially after her own five children started moving out one by one. It was then when a close friend of hers guided her toward fostering. “She said, ‘Hannah, you would be a good one,'” the 86-year-old told TODAY Parents. “So I started doing that.” Four decades later, Hannah has adopted and cared for 189 kids. Yes, you read that right!

One of the fostered kids, Erica Woodberry still remembers the first meal she cooked for her and the rest of the kids. She and her younger sister finally found a permanent home after being moved from one foster home to another in period of four years.

“What I’ve always admired is her patience. She never yelled or screamed at us. She would just give you a talk so you knew how to act,” the 41-year-old Carlotta Ford, Woodberry’s biological sister shared.

Ford has no plan of stopping. At this moment besides caring for her adopted children born with fetal alcohol syndrome, she is also fostering two other children. As she prepares to celebrate her 87th  birthday, she still doesn’t see herself slowing down, feeling strong and confident.

“I don’t see any end in sight. As long as God continues to give me strength and guidance and wisdom, I’ll keep doing this,” she said. There are just too many children out there in need.”

We want to say a big thank you to Hannah Ford and other foster parents around the world that give up so much to provide a safe place to kids in need. You make the world a better place!