Mom Begs College Girls To Stop Wearing Leggings So They Don’t “Tempt Her Sons”


Maryann White is a mom that decided to write a letter to a student-run publication that serves several colleges, including the University of Notre Dame. The matter she wanted to discuss in her letter were leggings – or, more specifically, the fact that women are wearing them. Apparently, women that wear leggings are a huge problem for this Catholic mom-of-four sons as she’s trying to raise good Christian boys.

You’re in for a wild ride, because this is a good one!

White wrote in the opening plea that she’s not trying to insult anyone or infringe upon anyone’s rights, but she’s “just a Catholic mother of four sons with a problem that ONLY girls can solve”.


Oh my…

Check out her letter for yourself below:

Holy smokes!

Expectedly, though, the women of the Notre Dame were having absolutely NONE of this b-s, and they organized a “Leggings Pride Day” by which they wanted to reject White’s toxic and rather ridiculous narrative that women are the ones responsible for the urges of men.