Mom Behind The Gender-Reveal Parties Says They Are Wrong: ‘Who Cares What Gender The Baby Is?’


If you happen to be pregnant or have given birth to a child in the last few years, you know the usual practice: announce the pregnancy after the first trimester, consider baby names for countless hours, send out the baby shower invitations, and plan out the gender reveal party.

In fact, some moms go as far as to throw elaborate gender reveal parties, including cakes, fireworks, and even dyed hair.
Have you ever wondered, though, just how these gender reveal parties became so popular?

Well, the woman behind High Gloss And Sauce, Jenna Karvunidis, recently explained her opinion on gender reveal parties, and her role in popularizing them.
It turns out that a piece she wrote in The Bump, featuring the gender reveal party she threw for her first child, did help popularize the trend. The thing is that the mom no longer endorses the trend, and you will see why from her now-viral post:


So, once the whole gender reveal party idea took off, it snowballed into something Jenna couldn’t have possibly imagined.
Even though she didn’t believe her initial blog and forum posts would resonate with so many people, she was absolutely wrong.


Well, there you have it.

These parties have turned from something cute to a high-stakes, deeply meaningful “facts” about one’s gender, even when knowing that gender is arbitrary, and someone’s gender identity doesn’t necessarily match the one they were assigned at birth. And, even if it does, these parties reinforce the binary, and we know that people’s gender expressions don’t always adhere to the binary.