Mom Criticized For Breastfeeding Her 7-Year-Old Son With Autism


Linda Bridger is a 46-year-old mom from Adelaide, Australia, who has recently been heavily criticized by people for nursing her 7-year-old son. She was featured last summer on an Australian website called Kidspot, and she shared there how she practices extended breastfeeding with her 7-year-old and 4-year-old sons. Both of the children have been diagnosed with autism and spectrum disorders.

She discussed her older son’s autism and her extended breastfeeding with the website last June, and she said that breastfeeding has prevented him from having to go on to medication, because it calms him down.

According to her, they tried melatonin supplements, but Chase, her son, struggled to swallow them, so he gets the hormone from breast milk.


She also shared that she used to nurse her son up to 20 times a day, but she does it just once or twice a day.

She mentioned stopping to him a couple of times, but he gets upset about it.

A few months later, she spoke out about the feedback she received after her story got published on the website. She said that the responses she got for her story online made her really sad. Many adults commented that she’s sick and needs to get help, and she said that she wanted to tell them that there is nothing mentally wrong with her, and she’s doing what’s natural. She added that her son is very independent, self-assured, and none damaged, and his friends and peers don’t tease because they have been educated that what he’s doing is OK.


Bridger also elaborated on her son’s overall wellness, saying that he won’t take any form of medication, including pain relief. In the other areas of his life, he is very much like any child of that age. He uses utensils, he dresses himself, can make age-appropriate food, eats plenty of table foods, and knows how to safely cross the road on his own. The mother adds that she thinks breastfeeding doesn’t prevent him from growing at all, and she told her critics that no, she won’t be still nursing him when he turns 20 or 30, like they suggested.

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