Mom Defends Daughter Who Rebels Against School’s Sexist Dress Code


Stasia L is a mom of a teenage daughter who regularly posts videos on TikTok about her daughter’s fight against her school’s sexist dress code.

Stasia goes by the TikTok name @teachingadhdllamas, and she went viral after she shared a series of videos in which she explained how her daughter fought against her school’s dress code.

It all started when the mom received a call from her daughter’s school administrator who said that her daughter told a teacher to ‘f. off’ after she was reprimanded for her attire.

The first video of the series was an instant hit, and in it, the mom wrote:

“Shoulders, midriffs and legs aren’t the problem. Talk to the boys/men who claim it’s distracting.”

It has since been viewed thousands of times, and you can check it out below:

@teachingadhdllamas Fuck the dress codes #dresscode #teacher #mom #genz ♬ Mama Said – Lukas Graham

In a follow up video, the mom talked about ‘shame shirts’, and explained that she consciously finds correcting herself in what she “says to girls and young women about their clothing because it’s just not true.” . She also pointed out that if it’s male teachers who are distracted by their female students, it’s a much bigger problem – for the grown men!

“If seeing a girl’s shoulders is too much for you as a grown man or a teenage boy or a seven-year-old, you make it the problem,”

@teachingadhdllamas Reply to @darkenthekraken ♬ original sound – Stasia L.


♬ original sound – Stasia L.

And in another update, the mom revealed that her daughter organized a protest after the dress code incident with her class, in which they planned to wear white tank tops with messages on them to school.

@teachingadhdllamas Reply to @soul_overbeauty fighting the #dresscode #momsoftiktok #women #roevwade #teachers #teachersoftiktok ♬ original sound – Stasia L.

Source: Upworthy